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Our guiding principles:

At AlchemyLeads, we don’t believe in requiring long-term contracts. We’re happy to be retained on a month-to-month basis.

Considering the breadth of analytics and measurement tools available, there’s no reason to make guesses or “gut” decisions about your search engine marketing.

Some digital marketing companies wine and dine clients – that’s not necessarily our style. We all come from hard-working backgrounds, and no one at Alchemy stands on ceremony.

Our search engine marketing reports and are simple and concise. We are flexible, can create and send out reports as needed, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Our communications are direct and matter-of-fact. We respect your time and keep it simple, but we are always available to discuss specifics or make campaign changes based on our clients.

There’s an old business truism that’s guided Alchemy since our inception in 2017: “People do business with people, not companies.”

No matter what project we’re working on, no matter what our responsibility, we’re always concerned with generating revenue for our clients and trying to increase revenue at all times. Many times we compete with our own past performance and that’s the way we like it — we’re always improving your business financial outlook. That’s how we ensure our services provide the best value.

The exact cost of our services depends on what packages you choose, but most of our clients pay between $2,500 and $10,000 per month for our services.

*NOTE: PPC management services start at $999/month.

Services we provide our clients

Our Team

We believe small and technically elite teams can design and execute upon complex digital marketing strategies in a better, faster and more purposeful way while being more flexible and agile to perform advanced SEO strategies than do most bigger firms, which is why we keep our staff lean and only take on a handful of select clients at a time so that we can be completely dedicated to each client to properly fulfill each search marketing campaign.

We’re obsessed with client revenues and we are ridiculously fulfillment focused (probably why we don’t have any outside investors either).

Let’s put it like this, most of our clients have been with us for several years, on a month-to-month basis without the need for a long and drawn-out contract to protect us. Our hard work ensures we earn our fees month in and month out.

Between us, our team has 26 years of experience in the online marketing industry, and we have no junior staff. Rarely, for some specific and highly complicated SEO problems, we may tap into our network of industry-leading specialists in different areas of search engine marketing — for an extra set of eyes, or to consult upon certain technical details but nonetheless, this is our core wolfpack.

Sean Chaudhary
Chief Alchemist & Project Manager

Sean, who aspires to be the Kanye West of SEO, has been working in the field of digital marketing for more than 10 years. He started off developing WordPress websites as a side hustle in college, and since then he has built and executed marketing campaigns that have generated tens of millions of dollars worth of advertising returns between his own companies and client companies. Sean prides himself on growing with each client as they hustle daily to grow their own businesses (with his help) and he has consulted for mid-enterprise level companies in virtually every industry in order to solve complex search marketing problems of the day.

Over the years, he’s become an industry figurehead, working with top white hat SEOs and link builders around the world, appearing on podcasts and expert panels, and authoring thought-leadership content that has been featured in major publications and several industry-relevant websites.

Sean creates and implements the overall strategy for all projects, conducts keyword research on an ongoing basis, implements Google AdWords or Amazon PPC campaign builds, schedules and develops content pipelines and organic link outreach, coordinates all earned media or relations, and oversees each search engine marketing account on a personalized basis. Sean is involved as a project manager or client liaison tailored to the needs of each search marketing campaign and business owner.

Chris Godwin,
VP, Technical Lead

Chris is an industry-leading technical web developer and expert with more than a decade of advanced programming experience. Chris’ work and results speak volumes. He’s worked with startups, e-commerce stores, and a variety of other online businesses and digital publications. Chris helps implement overall SEO strategy by taking over the web development and infrastructure technology and management components of digital marketing campaigns while also handling technical onsite audits and the implementation of all technical solutions.

David Butler
Senior Content Specialist

David is a senior content specialist with seven years of content experience in working with enterprise organizations. He’s published tens of thousands (literally) of online articles in topics across nearly all verticals. He has expertise in all phases of content ideation, production, and execution — including conception, writing, editing, and publication, and he’s produced content for nearly all types of publications, including websites, print publications, podcasts, and much more. David is a premier content professional and produces every piece of client content personally and by hand.


No company compares…

“This company tries to be the good guy in a saturated market of internet “gurus” and churn and burn marketing companies that charge ridiculous prices and don’t necessarily care about small businesses. They have delivered quality work again and again and I have recommended my partners to Sean and his team.”

Barry Robles, CEO // Automotive Accessories Co.

Questions? We’re happy to jump on the phone.

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